Disadvantages of Cardio Training with Treadmill

Perform Cardio Training With Treadmill

It might be true that many people have very great loving with treadmill as part of their in-home exercise equipment. People do not have enough time which can be spared for doing outdoor exercise for instance so they choose to do it indoor. More importantly, exercising at home means that they can do it while they are close to their family. They even can perform cardio training with treadmill while watching their favorite television program.

Various advantages can be found from this kind of exercise but people must not forget that there are also some disadvantages which can be found from cardio exercise with treadmill. The very first drawback which can be found cannot be separated from its price. This equipment can be very expensive. They even have to spend much more money for some models of treadmill. People should also test its surface because it can give too much impact on the back or other parts of the body such as ankle, knee, and hip joints.

People must not forget about the available space in their home because placing treadmill can take a lot of space in their home. The maintenance and repair for this equipment must be done by professionals. Last but not least, people can only perform limited exercise with treadmill.


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